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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Student Fundraisers - Winners of the Million Leaders Challenge

We're excited to announce the first 2 weekly winners of the Piggybackr One Million Leaders Challenge. Learn more about the challenge ending Jan 3rd, 2014 here.

Winner of a signed Adrian Peterson NFL football is the Bakersfield College Drumline Team in pursuit of raising $70,000 to get to the CGI Percussions World Championships in Ohio.

They thrilled us with their FIERCENESS and passion.  One member claimed "Drumline is an escape, it is my activity, the thing I spend my time on, and my talent! Please join me on my journey!"

Winner of a professional team photo opt from SmartShoot was Milpitas High School Student Body team lead by Natasha Gangal, their ASB secretary.  We'll post better pictures after their photo shoot ;)

Their project was collecting canned food for their local food pantry.  Their goal was to raise $4,000 or 6,000 cans.  They brought part of their food drive online and exceeding their goal by over 300%.  

Congratulations to the winners.  There are just over 3 weeks left to join the Piggybackr One Million Leaders Challenge.  Remaining weekly prizes include a meeting with Shark Tank Investor Kevin Harrington or Cordell Carter of The Bill and Melinda Gates.

Learn more here:


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