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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fundraising for Youth Crew Teams

Top 3 Takeaways from Piggybackr Junior Crew Fundraisers

Fundraising Ninja loves things that come in threes. Hense, our top three takeaways from crew team fundraisers with Piggybackr - the crowdfunding site for kids!

Takeaway #1: Holding rowers accountable

Allison Frykman, head coach of Norcal Crew, told us the primary reason her team did so well fundraising online with Piggybackr was because Piggybackr “did a lot of the work that the coaches used to do [in years previous]: holding people accountable.” With Piggybackr’s tracking and reminders from the Norcal crew coaches, Norcal’s 100 athletes each raised $450 just one month. Check out Nocal’s fundraising page here

The Oakland Strokes Girls Varsity Fundraising Page

Takeaway #2: Motivating rowers to fundraise

For each email sent, update posted, and business sponsor contacted, Piggybackr users receive effort points, which allow them to level up and win badges. We encourage coaches and team parents to take our online effort point system to the next level by offering a prize to the most dedicated Piggybackr fundraiser.  Don’t have a budget for prizes? Some of our favorite youth fundraising rewards have come at no cost.

The Oakland Strokes coaches told their four teams that the rower with the most Piggybackr effort points would get their first choice of bus seat for the season. A little competition can go a long way, and in the Oakland Strokes case, their no cost competition helped them raise much above their goal

Takeaway #3: Encouraging local business support

Piggybackr makes soliciting business sponsors real easy. We provide our kid fundraisers with templates to help them email, call, and deliver pitches to local supporters. When a business sponsor donates online with Piggybackr they are asked for their logo, which then is prominently displayed on the team’s fundraising page and in their update emails – a “wow!” perk. See Rochester Crew’s fundraising page here to see what a team with a lot of business sponsors looks like.

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