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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Piggybackr has launched!

Piggybackr has launched!
Today, Piggybackr launches nationwide. Up till now, our site has been by invitation only. While there will always be an application process to fundraise on Piggybackr, today we're letting the world know what Piggybackr can do.

Piggybackr started because we saw no options for young people to fundraise online, even as online fundraising and crowdfunding was booming. And of all people to be learning fundraising skills and advocacy online, we though kids were the among the most important. 
Join the party on our homepage: check out our featured fundraisers, read our how to's and press, engage with our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds.

We built Piggybackr to be the most fun, most educational, and safest fundraising platform on the block. We're the place for young and new fundraisers alike to learn how to fundraise, stay motivated, and raise more. Piggybackr is crowdfunding for kids!


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