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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Top 3 Online Fundraising Tips, in just 2 minutes!

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PiggyBackr helps you raise more money for your team, project, or cause, by (1) teaching you how to fundraise and (2) motivating you to keep up the effort with points, badges, and levels.

We believe YOU have the power to fund your dreams

I’m going to spend the next 2 minutes going through our top 3 tips to fundraising online.

Our first top tip is to TELL YOUR STORY. People give from the heart, not the head. Make it easy for people to connect to you and the cause you care about. Pick a picture that features you, your team, or your cause. When you write your “About” section, and make your video, share WHY the cause matters to YOU, not just WHAT the cause is.

Our second top tip is to CREATE VALUE. At PiggyBackr we believe you don’t have to sell stuff in order to get donations. You have plenty of value to offer to your supporters without selling candy bars or giftwrap. Want some examples?

Offer to send people who donate over $50 a hand made thank you card,or run a lap around school in their honor. Plant a tree, volunteer, or write a song for anyone who gives you over $500!

You’ll be surprised how these special gifts inspire more people to donate, even more money.

Our third and final tip is to SHARE!!! Sharing your fundraiser is the most important step to fundraising online. While PiggyBackr makes it easy to create a beautiful personal or team fundraising page, no one will visit your page, unless you share it with them.

We recommend sending emails first. Why? Because it’s more personal - people are much more likely to donate if they are personally asked, rather than just seeing the fundraiser in their facebook or twitter feed.

You should send at least 40 emails. After you do this, then remind people to give by posting updates, and sharing your fundraising page on social media like facebook, twitter, and tumblr.

And there you have it. Our top 3 tip to fundraising online in just 2 minutes.

Create your fundraising page, or promote your existing page, by going to now.


  1. I agree, selling things juts to get funds, this idea doesn't exhibit trust. People will be confused and unwilling to pay for lets us be correct - unwanted things. Value is what people are ready to pay for and raise the funds with donations. Thank you for writemyessay tips.

  2. We suggest sending messages first. Why? Since it's more individual - individuals are substantially Coursework Writing more liable to give on the off chance that they are by and by asked, instead of simply observing the pledge drive in their facebook or twitter channel.