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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Top Fundraising Ideas for School

Piggybackr is a platform that empowers youth to raise money for their teams, schools, and communities online. Our goal is to help you fundraise with our fundraising ideas for school.

#1: Discount Cards
Discount Cards provide tremendous value to your supporters without any cost on you. You make money, merchants get more sales, and your donors are making great savings!
  • STEP 1: Contact 10 – 15 local merchants to advertise (free of charge) on the back of the card. Make sure they provide a good perk or discount in exchange!
  • STEP 2: Creating these cards is easy with a photo editor like Photoshop – then sell the cards for $10 - $20. 
  • STEP 3: You can use an online fundraising page like Piggybackr to allow for quick and easy donations!

#2: Choose the Torment
Ask students, teachers, parents and staff in your group to make $1 donations as the price of a vote. They can then vote on the type of “torment” to inflict on the most well known teacher or staff member. What kind of torment? Dying hair the school color, or dressing up as a clown for the whole day! The classroom with the most donations gets to submit a creative torment idea.

#3: No Stress Snack BarBuy snacks, drinks, and candy in bulk Sell these goodies at full price at school events Parent teacher days, sports games, field days, or after school People love snacks, and they’d love supporting the school at the same time!

#4: Teacher "Date" Auctions This works well if the teachers at your school are well known by all students and parents. Organize an event (you can make it around the holiday time or Valentine’s day) to auction off each teacher along with a “date” activity. The teachers get to decide what special “date” they will offer – cooking lessons, personal science museum tour guide, private sports coaching!

#5: Mini-marathon or Mini Run
Use a online platform like Piggybackr to organize your students and their donations. Students get pledges from their family and friends for each lap they complete. The goal is for each student to do 32 laps around your school or field. Hold a mini- marathon or fun run at your school.


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